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Costs down, productivity high, and clients content and well cared for—these are the bases for nearly any commercial business, from retail to pharmaceuticals. Any solid enough business in Chicago can handle the former two with some ease. It’s that first one—keeping costs down—that can be the real sticker, with one of the biggest challenges being keeping energy and fuel consumption to a minimum.

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Simple Solutions to Reduce Commercial Energy Waste

There are some very in-depth and comprehensive options out there for sure, and we’ll be getting to those shortly. But first, let’s start with some easy, low or no-cost methods:

  • Seeking an energy audit. Before enacting any plan at all, it is important to understand what exactly needs improving. Otherwise, you’re simply making changes willy-nilly and might not be addressing your larger issues, which tends to waste a lot of money for no real gain. An energy audit from a certified contractor is the best way to get a detailed report of what systems are costing you the most.
  • Changing out your lighting systems. Standard incandescent bulbs are on the way out and for good reason. For a smallish investment in converting to LED light systems, you can cut energy wasted by lighting down by 80 percent—in some cases, even more. It may seem like a small step, but it’s a comfortably small step to make and will pay you back considerably over the years through less watts wasted (as low as 1/10th), fewer bulb changes through a longer lifespan, and better lighting quality.
  • Control your thermostat effectively. Set it and forget it is the philosophy of many. But when you consider that nearly half of the energy your business consumes is via the HVAC systems throughout your building, set it and forget it becomes a little more insidious. You want to aim for a comfortable but even heating and cooling range with as little wiggling as possible. If you don’t have the time, or want something a little more streamlined and simple, programmable thermostats are ideal.

Proven Energy-Saving Programs & Services

The above are excellent ways to get started. But if you’re serious about saving money and energy, you’ll want something a little more complete:

  • Professional maintenance programs. When effectively maintained, a machine not only goes down less often and performs better overall, but needs to expend considerably less power or fuel over time in order to get its job done. If you were to pick only one thing to do from this article, maintenance for HVAC systems and refrigerant systems should absolutely be the item you choose.
  • Energy management systems and maintenance. Green energy management aims to minimize energy waste as its primary goal, making it a top pick for keeping your costs down. Through incorporating systems like building automation, monitoring tools, programmable systems, and the effective application of routine maintenance you can end up more efficient, more streamlined, and more productive as a whole.

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