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Specialized HVAC solutions for churches

Cost Effective

With HVAC energy consumption comprising a major operating expense for churches, energy efficiency is critical for controlling costs. Our HVAC solutions customize energy consumption based on specific usage criteria—time of day, space requirements, and population density, among other factors—delivering a measurable (and very welcome) bottom-line savings.


We recognize that no two churches are alike. As such, we incorporate advanced technologies into our HVAC solutions, deploying temperature and humidity controls that put you in complete control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation. That’s a critical advantage that ensures your congregants remain comfortable, no matter how extreme the Windy City weather.


For most churches, repairing complete HVAC systems is impractical, if not cost prohibitive. Our HVAC systems for churches are modular and therefore scalable, allowing you to replace components as necessary, without costly system overhauls. Replacements and upgrades can be implemented as needed, without stressing your budget. And when new technologies and features became available, they can be integrated seamlessly into your existing architecture.


Church sanctuaries utilize their worship space on average just 15 hours a week or less, placing HVAC efficiency and performance at a premium. By incorporating smart technologies and design principles into every HVAC solution, General Mechanical delivers HVAC systems for churches that last longer and perform more efficiently, ensuring the sanctuary environment is clean and comfortable—all day. And every day.

Is the HVAC system at your church performing optimally? Speak with an expert to find out!


Our Southwest Town Mechanical maintenance program saves time and money while extending the life of your HVAC equipment.

Each program ensures the worry-free operation of your system while delivering:

  • Fewer unexpected service calls
  • Reduced service call costs
  • Better-maintained equipment
  • More durable equipment
  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduced downtime

Additional # of years HVAC Equipment lasts when properly maintained


At Southwest Town, safety is our number one priority.

Our safety record is award-winning, and we’re proud for what that means for both our technicians and our customers.

We conduct bi-monthly meetings to ensure that all of our technicians follow the most stringent safety practices. For instance, we empower all of our employees to suspend their work if they suspect that a situation poses a safety hazard.

This relentless focus on safety has helped us to continually achieve an exemplary safety record.



Green HVAC maintenance practices deliver a multitude of benefits, including lower operating costs, more durable equipment, and higher workplace productivity.

We offer a full line of energy management HVAC systems and services for commercial and industrial properties, including:

1. Overall energy evaluation of mechanical systems, including age and efficiency

2. Cost savings analysis and payback for equipment replacement and repair

3. Energy cost comparisons on ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment versus existing

4. Maintenance programs designed specifically for the environmentally concerned organization

5. Cost savings analysis and payback for adding variable frequency drives to existing motors


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Southwest Town Offers a Full Range of Building HVAC Control Services

RMC offers a full range of building HVAC controls services including system design, repair/ replacement, upgrades and programming of Direct Digital Controls (DDC), Pneumatic Controls, Zoning Systems and Electronic Controls. Our expertise spans all forms of climate control for your building.


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