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Energy management is a long-running process that aims to minimize environmental damage and reduce overall energy consumption. These actions simultaneously help all of us to “go green” more effectively and to save money, which is, of course, an excellent set of goals. That said, most energy management practices require the implementation of control systems, monitoring equipment, and updated mechanical and HVAC systems. In other words, the process requires machines, and machines need maintenance!

At Southwest Town Mechanical, it has always been our goal to provide commercial clients with the best in mechanical solutions. We have the knowledge and experience needed to not only help you implement energy management programs and systems but also to keep these systems operating effectively and optimally in the long term.

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Our Energy Management Maintenance Process

As a leader in maintenance service and as strong believers in keeping Chicago green and safe, our teams have become highly proficient in a wide range of management and maintenance practices. No two businesses benefit from the same systems or solutions, so we have endeavored to become an authority in all of them in order to serve you and Chicagoland to the best of our ability.

We will create a comprehensive plan for your business by studying all current HVAC and refrigeration systems, as well as exhaust and all equipment that draws on power or fuel. From our analysis, we can generate a cost/savings report, work with you to build a more streamlined and efficient business, and then create an effective maintenance program to keep your systems in peak working condition.

Southwest Town Mechanical offers:

The Goals of Energy Management

Though it’s easy to understand the broader strokes of energy management—streamlining, environmental preservation, cost savings—it can be a bit tougher to nail down exactly what all of this means for your business. You’ll be happy to know that you stand to enjoy quite a bit by partaking in our offerings, including:

  • Higher equipment performance and reliability
  • Reduced operations costs and minimal breakdowns/high-cost repairs
  • Streamlined mechanical processes
  • Greater control over your mechanical systems, operation, and reporting
  • Extended equipment lifespans and a higher return on investment in your mechanical systems and energy management equipment.

Energy Management Maintenance & Service in Chicago, Illinois

For over four decades, our service teams have been dedicated to offering our commercial and industrial clients the best in leading products and customized mechanical services. Whether you’re looking to build out a new green initiative, add automation systems to your business, or work with a service team with the chops to keep your systems operating effectively, Southwest Town Mechanical is the team you want on your side.

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