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Industrial HVAC Maintenance Services in Chicago, Illinois

Extend the Life of Your HVAC Systems & Save Energy

A business relies on its HVAC systems to provide a comfortable environment for employees, as well as to protect vital equipment during everyday operations. Performance problems or breakdowns have immediate, costly effects on your business, from production and profit losses to a complete shutdown while the problem is addressed.

How can you prevent breakdowns and protect your business? Make sure your equipment is performing in an efficient, reliable manner with regular routine maintenance. Professional maintenance of your Chicago HVAC systems can help you avoid costly downtime and service calls, extend the life of your equipment, and reduce operating costs. It is a wise investment for your business, and at Southwest Town Mechanical, we can make the process simple and convenient with our custom maintenance programs.

We provide cost-effective, industry-leading maintenance services for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and piping systems with a focus on reliability and energy efficiency. We have been providing HVAC maintenance services for commercial facilities for over 50 years in the Chicago area. We are dedicated to quality service, and our certified professionals can handle all your maintenance, tune-up, and calibration needs.

For professional HVAC maintenance services for industrial and commercial Chicago and Orland Park HVAC systems, call Southwest Town Mechanical at (708) 590-4771 or contact us online!

Benefits of Preventative Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Industrial and commercial HVAC systems represent a large investment for the average business. It only makes sense to protect that investment by providing the best care and maintenance possible. At Southwest Town Mechanical, our services can keep your equipment operating as smoothly and reliably as possible, providing several benefits:

  • Improved HVAC efficiency
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Fewer service calls and repairs
  • Less risk of breakdowns or performance problems
  • Longer HVAC service life
  • Less downtime for your business

With our professionals tending to the needs of your HVAC equipment, you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

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Maintenance Agreements for Industrial & Commercial HVAC Systems

Maintenance of your HVAC equipment is important, but you can only extract the full benefits if it is done on a regular, consistent basis. With our maintenance programs at Southwest Town Mechanical, you can ensure your HVAC equipment receives the maintenance it needs, when it needs it. Our experts will evaluate your facility and develop a custom maintenance program that meets the requirements of your HVAC equipment and provides service on a schedule that is convenient for your business. With our maintenance programs, you can maximize your energy savings and ensure consistent, reliable performance from your industrial and commercial HVAC systems.

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Our Commercial & Industrial HVAC Services in Chicago

Whether it’s the middle of fall and you need furnace maintenance in Blue Island or summer is just around the corner, we can get your Chicago HVAC system at peak performance before you use it heavily. At Southwest Town Mechanical, we provide complete maintenance, tune-up, and calibration services for a variety of industrial and commercial HVAC systems, including:

Our maintenance process includes a rigorous inspection, testing, and cleaning regimen that addresses all components and subsystems, including coils, compressors, burners, flues, heat exchangers, piping systems, electrical systems, safeties, controls, and more. With our maintenance programs, our technicians will provide multiple service visits a year, according to the needs of your equipment.

To schedule industrial furnace maintenance in Blue Island, IL and the surrounding areas, call us today at (708) 590-4771!

Sign Up for a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement in Chicago, IL

When you need cost-effective commercial HVAC maintenance services in the Chicago area, trust our experts at Southwest Town Mechanical. You don’t want to get into the middle of winter and realize you should’ve had some furnace maintenance done at your Blue Island business!

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