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Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration for Food Processing Plants near Chicago, IL

Following well-defined guidelines for HVAC services for food plants is critical. There are as many types of food processing plants as there are categories of foods. While processing facilities designed for frozen or fresh, seafood or meat products, or vegetables and fruits may all be different, they each have some basic features in common. For human health and safety, the atmosphere in these facilities must be kept clean, flowing and well-maintained at proper temperatures to limit the spread of bacteria and other airborne contaminants.

Only properly qualified technicians, fully knowledgeable of food safety requirements, should be involved in the design, installation and maintenance of your HVAC systems. Experts from Southwest Town Mechanical Services in Chicagoland are certified in the technical aspects of commercial and industrial heating, cooling and ventilation and are licensed to handle HVAC services for food plants.

Importance of HVAC Ventilation for Food Safety

Keeping processing rooms properly cooled and clean is a fundamental requirement for food production. HVAC systems are Critical Control Points in the management of food processing plants and must be kept within guidelines to eliminate airborne pathogens, allergens and other potentially harmful components. Colder temperatures reduce the growth of bacteria, so properly maintaining and controlling your system is a base requirement.

Air flow and filtration are also critical. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recognized that airborne contamination is a leading suspect in the spread of pathogenic contamination. Unfiltered air and improper air circulation have been directly linked to many microbiological contamination events in past decades. Your ventilation system needs to be absolutely air-tight so you don’t lose conditioned air in the ductwork.

Importance of HVAC Ventilation for Food Quality

Along with the potential for airborne bacteria, improper ventilation can lead to the conveyance of odors that can impart undesirable flavors to processed food products. A sufficient number of air changes and proper filtration should be established to remove these potential quality-affecting problems. With many products, a minimum of 15-20 air changes per hour may be sufficient. Some cleaner rooms and specific products require more complete air changes per hour to ensure minimal bacteria exposure and longer shelf life.

Periodic measurement and verification are critical to maintaining the ideal airflow for your products and facilities. Filters must be checked and changed regularly to ensure they are functioning properly. Southwest Town Mechanical experts who serve Illinois will measure and monitor your HVAC system to ensure that healthful standards are being met.

Proper Ventilation Keeps Workers Safe

In addition, for the health and safety of your employees, HVAC services for food plants must be monitored carefully. Contaminants and allergens in the air that employees breathe can result in illnesses  that may also be passed on to the food production and result in expensive employee absence and turnover rates.

HVAC Evaluation for Chicago Food Plants

When Southwest Town experts provide HVAC services for food plants, they will:

  • Identify potential food processing threats from airborne or temperature – related conditions
  • Recommend adjustments and formal maintenance programs
  • Perform a costs saving analysis
  • Explain long-term benefits of ENERGY STAR® Qualified equipment options

Benefits of Properly Maintained HVAC in Food Plants

  • Food safety
  • Enhanced Food Quality
  • Energy Savings
  • Eliminate Downtime
  • Reduce Employee Illness

Call Southwest Town Mechanical for HVAC Services at Your Food Processing Plant

The experts at Southwest Town Mechanical in Chicagoland will work with you to fine tune your HVAC systems to ensure absolute product and employee safety. A regular maintenance program will help improve your system’s performance, lengthen its useful life and lower energy costs.

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