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Mechanical Services for Laboratories in Chicago, IL

Laboratories are reliant upon a wide array of mechanical systems and environmental control systems in order to operate optimally. Or in many cases, to operate at all! That means you need a team of experts that can provide precise, tailored HVACR and mechanical services that help you keep things going smooth and stress-free for your day to day. Looking for experts that can offer you the absolute best in the business? Then you needn’t look any longer. You’ve found Southwest Town Mechanical!

Our project managers and maintenance specialists have been offering superior solutions to laboratory clients for over 40 years. We utilize the best equipment and training in the industry to bring our clients a comprehensive service that assists in mitigating operation costs, maximizes system potential, and preserves the longevity of vital equipment.

For commercial laboratory HVACR, exhaust, ventilation, and mechanical services in Chicago, Illinois call us at (708) 590-4771 or contact us online!

Complete HVACR and Mechanical Services for Laboratories

Every inch of your laboratory needs precision and streamlining in order to operate effectively. And that means your needs must be met by professionals that know your equipment. Our team is equipped to offer total HVACR and refrigeration services to our clients, as well as comprehensive mechanical services that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re in need of replacement, repair, assessment, or even structural redesign, we’ve got you covered.

Southwest Town Mechanical offers:

Green Energy Saving Solutions for Chicago Laboratories

If your business or industrial laboratory is interested in reducing energy consumption, lowering operation costs, and preserving our Chicagoland environment, then our green energy practices are ideal. We take a modern approach to assessing your business’ vital equipment and formulating customized plans in order to help you optimize.

Our HVAC green maintenance evaluation includes each of these steps:

  • An examination of your current system
  • A cost savings analysis recommendation
  • Energy cost comparison with ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment
  • Maintenance program recommendation plan

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance Service

For a Chicago area business efficiency is the name of the game. You want systems that run smooth as silk, laboratories that are kept in optimal temperature ranges at all times, and you want to meet these goals while keeping costs as low as possible. This is where our customized maintenance agreements come in. Our team offers plans that address your business’ specific needs, generating solutions that help to keep your systems operating at their best, and for as long as possible.

By choosing a maintenance agreement with Southwest Town Mechanical you can gain:

  • Lowered risks of down time
  • Less costly repairs
  • Longer system lifespans
  • Improved energy-efficiency
  • Higher air quality in your laboratory

Choose Southwest Town Mechanical for Laboratory HVACR Service in Chicago, Illinois

Our clients enjoy complete emergency repair services, streamlined maintenance, and complete replacement and installation services. If you’re looking for a team that places your needs first and offers the best in reliability and quality, you’ll find our experts more than equal to the task. Speak with our experts by calling, or contact us online today!