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Office Buildings in Chicago, IL

Commercial HVAC Services for Office Buildings in Chicagoland

In an office or corporate office there is a massive emphasis placed on efficiency and productivity. You don’t want to waste time worrying about an ineffective air conditioner in the middle of a Chicago summer, or with looking for mechanical experts to handle installations and replacements. And you know what? You don’t need to. At Southwest Town Mechanical our experts offer a complete array of mechanical services to our clients, and to us nothing is more important than perfect quality.

For over 50 years our specialists have been offering mechanical maintenance, repair, and installation in Chicago, Illinois. We carry the experience and training needed to provide flawless services, and just like your business, we aren’t satisfied with being second best. For superior mechanical services you can always trust the team at Southwest Town Mechanical!

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Services We Offer for Offices in Chicago

No two businesses are alike, meaning you need access to services and solutions that are wholly unique. At Southwest Town Mechanical our specialists offer customized installation, repair, and maintenance services so that you can always be certain that your needs are met. Trust our team to provide services for the following systems:

HVACR Repair Services in Chicago

A system running poorly or going down mid season can lead to interruptions in productivity and a considerable accumulation of unwanted costs. The health and comfort of your employees and associates is vital, and so to ensure you’re always covered our team offers complete repair and emergency repair services for Chicago clients.

Whether you’re dealing with a simple drop in system efficiency or a complete mechanical failure, our experts can offer priority repairs that can restore comfort in your office in no time. We utilize our considerable experience in tandem with the best diagnostic tools the industry has to offer to find and fix problems in the most time and cost efficient manner possible!

Proactive HVAC Maintenance for Office Buildings

Heating and cooling systems see a considerable amount of use in Chicago, which means they also accumulate a lot of wear and tear. By ensuring your systems are tuned and maintained by trained service professionals you can mitigate the cost of repairs, increase energy-efficiency levels, and even improve comfort quality and system longevity.

The maintenance professionals at Southwest Town Mechanical offer tailored maintenance programs that revolve around suiting the needs of your unique mechanical systems. We will create an optimized service plan in order to provide the complete maintenance and care your systems need, helping you:

  • Increase heating and cooling quality
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduce the risks of costly repair
  • Preserve HVAC longevity
  • Improve air quality

HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Facility managers of large office buildings, whether occupied by one company or many, have a responsibility to ensure that the occupants are able to do their jobs in a comfortable, secure and well-appointed, attractive building.  Usually these managers hire landscaping companies to keep the building looking great, cleaning companies to keep them clean, and security personnel to maintain safety.  It is equally important to have trained experts perform periodic maintenance on expensive and vital HVAC systems.

Selecting a Trusted HVAC Maintenance Provider in Chicagoland

Your target contract HVAC maintenance provider should fit the following criteria:
  • Reputable, in business for more than 20 years
  • Well trained and certified to work on your brand of equipment
  • Value priced; some companies “low-ball” and skip steps to save money
  • Able to provide 24-hour service in case of emergency
  • Capable of creating a detailed test and evaluation of existing HVAC  equipment

Timely and professional inspection with the regular replacement of filters and other parts, as needed, can keep your system operating even beyond its normally expected operating life.

Could it be time for a change?

Deciding when to replace an HVAC system can be a complex analysis. At a certain point, even though the equipment may have been operating normally but requiring a bit more maintenance and consuming more energy to run, the analysis to replace should begin. As repairs mount up, given the age of the existing equipment, a breakdown is inevitable. Investment in new, energy-efficient HVAC equipment can substantially reduce the building’s operating expenses. But what about the overall cost?

Mechanical Services for Office Buildings in Chicago, Illinois

Experts at Southwest Town Mechanical Services, a premier HVAC sales and service company located in Wheeling, IL serving the Chicagoland area, can perform a detailed evaluation to help with the decision to continue with the existing equipment versus replacement with new ENERGY STAR® qualified HVAC systems. Factors such as the initial capital investment, depreciation, rebates, warranties and cost of operation are compared against existing costs and possible upgrades to keep the old equipment running. Many are surprised to learn how quickly the payback on the purchase of a new, more efficient HVAC system really is.

No matter where your needs lie, you’ll find that our team can offer the services to match. For over 50 years our experts have been handling mechanical installations, evaluations, and maintenance services for office buildings, and we can guarantee you’ll get quality you can trust from a team that cares about your needs.

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