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Commercial HVAC for Printing Facilities in Chicago, IL

While the presses are running, the air within a high-volume printing facility can be filled with fumes from solvent-based printers and other components that may be detrimental to employee health. In any situation, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can draw legitimate complaints from employees.

For unparalleled and time-tested HVAC installation and servicing, trust Southwest Town Mechanical. We provide the entire Chicagoland with industrial HVAC services, for dozens of printing facilities in the area. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.

Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality for Printing Facilities

Protect Your Employees’ Health & Safety!


Printing companies work with many types of material, inks, chemicals and solvents. To ensure the quality of the work as well as the safety of the employees, these companies must employ very sophisticated HVAC systems to control different air flows, humidity and temperatures in a number of different zones within the same building.

HVAC services for the printing industry are complex and should only be designed, implemented and maintained by qualified experts using the best equipment.

Sufficient ventilation, air turnover, and the removal of lingering chemical fumes will protect employees from discomfort and illness. Providing a specially designed and maintained system will help create a better working environment and reduce worker absences.

To evaluate your current printing HVAC system and provide effective solutions, you should only contact qualified and licensed technicians. The experts at Southwest Town Mechanical Services serving Chicagoland are experienced in HVAC services for the printing industry. Faulty designs and sloppy maintenance may cause severe problems, so working with the right company is critical.

HVAC Service in the Printing Industry: Operational Issues

Besides maintaining a safe and healthful environment for employees, printing businesses have very specific operational requirements for their HVAC systems.  No longer simply printing on paper products, the equipment, solvents, materials and inks used by printing concerns are wide ranging. Many of these are required to be held and used at very specific temperatures and humidity levels. Printed materials must dry quickly in order to not smear. High speed presses must not be allowed to exceed defined temperature thresholds or they may overheat.

A variety of fans and blowers are available to supplement normal HVAC systems and provide additional air flow over various types of  printed media to enhance the drying of the printed images.  Certain types of chillers are used to cool down essential components such as rollers for high speed printers. Ultraviolet lamps might be used for curing certain inks and other materials.

Managing highly technical, multi-zone atmospheres in a single building is not a job for novices. A printing facility that works with a wide range of media and materials can be a very complex operation requiring versatility and flexibility. Several different environments, achieved by zoning, may be required to meet all potential scenarios.

Commercial HVAC Equipment Installation by Southwest Town Mechanical in Chicagoland

Because of the demands of HVAC service for the printing industry, the most efficient and versatile equipment should be used. ENERGY STAR® HVAC equipment provides economic and durable service and can be adapted for specific uses. Technicians from Southwest Town Mechanical of northern Illinois can help with the design or retrofit of any print facility. They can also assist with developing a comprehensive maintenance plan. Trust only experienced companies to provide the right HVAC services for the printing industry.