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Industrial & Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement in Chicago, Illinois


The team at Southwest Town Mechanical understands that you depend on effective cooling in order to keep productive and keep employees and clients comfortable. You can trust our specialists to offer an air conditioning replacement solution that restores efficient comfort and dependable cooling!

Southwest Town Mechanical has been operating in the Chicago area for over 50 years, offering clients top tier services and results with our custom design, install, and replacement services.

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Mechanical Services TechnicianHow Often Does a Commercial AC Unit Need to Be Replaced?

The longevity of your cooling equipment varies fairly considerably based on a range of factors. These can include the size and scope of the system, how frequently the equipment is run, and most importantly, the type of system being used. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to start thinking about replacement after roughly a decade of service, though systems can often run 15-20 years if they are properly maintained.

It’s best to stay in close contact with a trustworthy local contractor in order to understand when replacement suits your needs best. Choosing to replace at the right time can save you a lot of money and headache.

Signs That It’s Time for Commercial AC Replacement

Failing equipment often displays very clear signs that there’s a problem. Some are more obvious, such as consistent breakdowns, but many are more vague, including:

  • Higher energy costs. Often your first tipoff that something is going south with your system, increased monthly energy costs indicate that the system is working harder than it needs to, meaning either it’s time to consider replacement, or you haven’t been keeping up with maintenance and will need repairs.
  • High humidity in your workplace. An effective cooling system removes a noticeable amount of humidity, helping protect the health of clients and employees as well as keeping equipment safe.
  • Reduced cooling effectiveness. Weak air flow, uneven cooling, and warm air are all big signs that your system is beginning to fall behind.
  • Consistent need for repairs. While a one-off repair is nothing to fuss over necessarily, needing two or three repair services per season becomes a massive financial drain that is better avoided by replacing the AC system.
  • Increased maintenance costs. Outdated cooling equipment or systems that continue to use lower-tier refrigerants (R-22) become increasingly difficult and costly to maintain.

Professional Industrial & Commercial AC Replacement in Chicago, IL

Our experts specialize in cooling services for commercial clients. We take the needs of your business into account in order to find the ideal replacement that will offer the most in performance and comfort, as well as the system that is going to perform most optimally within your structure.

The AC replacement services that we offer at Southwest Town Mechanical are comprehensive, and we have the knowledge necessary to perform full redesign and custom fabrication projects as needed. Our goal is efficiency, performance, and environmentally friendly solutions that serve Chicago clients best.

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When looking for cooling experts that put your needs and the well being of your business first, you need only call Southwest Town Mechanical! With our 50 years of experience and the best training in the industry on your side, you’re guaranteed services that solve all of your cooling issues.

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