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Commercial & Industrial Air Handlers in Chicago, IL

Air handler systems offer your Chicago area business a reliable and effective means to boost efficiency and comfort. The right system, installed by the right experts, can help to optimize and streamline HVAC within your structure, offering cost-effective solutions for keeping work spaces as cool or warm as you need them to be.

For superior service and dependable quality in air handler services, you can trust Southwest Town Mechanical to offer you the absolute best. Our specialists carry all of the training and experience needed to ensure your air handler systems are installed to perfection, and routinely maintained—even repaired, if the situation calls for it.

For superior, customized services that bring you the perfect air handler service in Chicago, IL contact Southwest Town Mechanical!

Addressing Chicago’s Air Handler Needs

Air handlers can result in cleaner air, energy savings, and reliability. Advanced filtration techniques allow for air that is cleaner, with fewer allergens and dust, resulting in a healthier space. If your air handler is for a residential property, a retail store, or an office space, this means better air for your employees or customers. When you choose Southwest Town Mechanical Services, know that energy savings are an important part of our work. Not only does our work on air handlers save you money on utilities, but we also work to keep your unit running longer. We optimize your air handler so it is cost-effective to use  by reducing your operating costs.

The right air handler can be a reliable way to minimize energy costs. By distributing air to the entirety of your facility, an air handler can increase the air and water quality of your commercial or industrial space. We make sure your system has the proper insulation to prevent unnecessary moisture from gathering on the piping. This can result in better health and productivity of those working or living in your property.

Air Handler Installation Services in Chicagoland

An air handler can be a huge boon to your business, but only if the installation is suited to your very unique and specific needs. At Southwest Town Mechanical we analyze the specifications of your structure in order to pick the perfect products and offer installation services that optimize your new investment for longevity and  maximum benefit.

Our certified HVACR team is exceptionally experienced in providing air handler services to Chicago area businesses. Paired with our leading tools and extensive training, you’re guaranteed the perfect solution to improve comfort and energy-efficiency.

Air Handler Repair

An ailing air handler system can range from minor annoyance to a complete halt to business productivity. No matter the situation or problem at hand, tiny or huge, we’ve got the repair services and skill to get your systems back up and running like new in no time. Our specialists use leading diagnostic tools in tandem with extensive training to provide accurate, reliable, and always perfect repair.

Call on Southwest Town Mechanical if:

  • Air flow coming through the handler system is restricted
  • There are sharp increases in energy costs within your business
  • The system is making loud or unusual noises
  • There are foul or strange odors coming from the handler unit or associated ventilation

Proactive Maintenance

Our technicians complete preventative maintenance by conducting an energy evaluation and cost savings analysis. Based on the age and efficiency of your current unit, we can modify your unit to run with variable frequency drives so the motor works better. We repair and maintain a variety of units, even older ones that need replacement and repairs instead of a complete retrofitting.

Our maintenance plans help:

  • Prevent breakdowns
  • Pre-empt costly service calls
  • Keep equipment well maintained for longer
  • Lower utility bills

Why Chicago Chooses Southwest Town Mechanical

We maximize control of your commercial or industrial HVAC system while minimizing costs. We know that down time is expensive, so we provide maintenance plans to take care of your air handler before you risk a breakdown.

We partner with you to reduce costly breakdowns and keep your business running smoothly. That’s why we’re trusted in Chicago and the surrounding areas to optimize the performance of your commercial or industrial property’s air handler.

Call us at (708) 590-4771 or fill out our contact form to speak to us about maximizing your air handler’s efficiency.