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Building Automation

Industrial & Commercial Building Automation in Westmont, IL

A building automation system (BAS) makes building management easier, while increasing comfort and energy-efficiency. You’ll also enjoy budgetary advantages from optimizing your building’s systems, provided that you choose an experienced contractor to design and maintain your system.

At Southwest Town Mechanical, we have over 40 years’ experience in building control system design. For building automation perfectly suited to the unique needs of your property and industry, count on our team.

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Westmont Commercial & Industrial Facilities Using Our Building Automation Systems

Our BAS systems and services are ideal for a range of  Westmont commercial and industrial facilities, including these industries:

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Building Automation Advantages

Buildings across Westmont benefit from sophisticated BAS for improved and streamlined operations.

BAS benefits for Westmont buildings include:

Comfortable buildings. Building automation systems help to maximize HVAC effectiveness with proactive environmental controls without compromising comfort.

Energy efficiency and eco-friendly business practices. With automated HVAC and lighting systems, your building uses power wisely. Your BAS-controlled system conserves energy and reduces waste, lowering your energy costs and establishing your reputation as a more sustainable business.

Enhanced building security and personnel safety. Automated BAS security systems can follow unique programmed instructions keyed to a daily schedule or triggered by specific current conditions. This helps to prevent unauthorized access and makes planned criminal activity difficult.

Optimal preventative maintenance. Automated systems monitor conditions, providing valuable reports and details about energy usage and other building controls. With this data, dips in efficiency can be flagged and trigger maintenance, replacement of worn parts, system adjustments to avoid HVAC breakdowns, lighting issues, etc.

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Complete Building Automation Services in Westmont

At Southwest Town Mechanical, our building control system capabilities include:

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Why Choose Southwest Town Mechanical Services for Commercial & Industrial Building Automation in Westmont?

Southwest Town Mechanical Services has designed building automation systems and services for a wide variety of industrial facilities throughout Westmont since 1973. We’re proud to say that our technicians are fully certified union members. Our team is dedicated to providing professional, responsive and friendly building automation services using the latest technology for effortless building management.

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