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Industrial & Commercial Chiller Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Chiller systems provide advantages to countless commercial businesses in the Chicago area. From pharmaceutical to manufacturing—even warehouses, or educational centers— you depend on your chiller systems working efficiently and consistently throughout the day. To ensure you avoid costly breakdowns, untimely replacements, and the troubles of wear and tear, you need to be certain to have an effective maintenance program in place.

At Southwest Town Mechanical, our chiller maintenance specialists carry the leading tools and extensive breadth of knowledge necessary to provide superior tuning and inspections for our commercial clients. With our team on your side, you can be certain that your chiller systems will operate and perform at peak efficiency and reliability for the foreseeable future.

Our maintenance service teams can provide maintenance for all chiller systems, including:

  • Centrifugal chillers
  • Reciprocating chillers
  • Process chillers
  • Water- and air-cooled chillers
  • And more

For chiller maintenance in Chicago and other mechanical maintenance and support services, contact Southwest Town Mechanical online now! You can also reach a team member or project manager any time by calling (708) 590-4771!

Our Chiller System Maintenance Process for Chicago Businesses

Maintenance provides substantial benefits including higher equipment performance and effectiveness, as well as boosted efficiency and proof against downtime and costly repairs. However, no simple once-over will get the job done. The maintenance program must be specifically suited to meet your system’s needs, and that’s exactly what our service teams at Southwest Town Mechanical will do. Our chiller maintenance process in Chicago includes:

  • Refrigerant and compressor diagnostics and performance evaluation
  • Lubrication for necessary moving components to reduce wear and improve function
  • Electrical system safety and performance inspections
  • Cleaning and sanitation to remove contaminants and avoid wear
  • A full system performance evaluation in order to provide cost/benefit analysis for pending upgrades

The Advantages of Chiller Maintenance

Keeping your refrigeration equipment maintained is not simply a way to keep the unit clean. True maintenance performed by trained specialists can offer a wide array of tangible benefits, including:

  • Higher performance and efficiency, which keeps costs down and eliminates energy waste
  • Protection against common causes for breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Extended chiller system lifespans and performance, helping to protect your investment
  • Streamlined and more efficient chiller operation to keep your day to day processes smooth and predictable

Chiller & Mechanical Energy Management in Chicago, IL

We’re glad to offer our Chicago clients the benefits of our extensive maintenance programs, but we also strive to take our service a step further. Joining our team in an energy management program can help you shore up energy loss and improve the overall productivity and performance of your business as a whole.

Through services like automation, mechanical efficiency and performance upgrades, and the addition of ENERGY STAR® qualified tools and appliances, we can help you stay current with green practices and save money.

Schedule Chiller Maintenance in Chicago

For over 50 years, our service teams and maintenance experts have been helping Chicago businesses stay efficient, streamlined, and eco-friendly. We’re devoted to helping clients attain the advantages of professional-level maintenance and support services. When you’re ready for superior service—or just ready to learn more—reach out to our team at any time.

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