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DDC Controls for Your Chicago Business

If you’re striving to make your Chicago-area building more efficient, you may want to take a look at your HVAC system. If it’s not performing at optimal efficiency, it is costing you a significant amount of money. Southwest Town Mechanical can help you improve your building’s pneumatic HVAC system without completely replacing or reworking it completely with the help of optimized pneumatic HVAC controls. With direct digital controls (DDC) in your existing HVAC system and optimal use of those controls, you can get better efficiency and performance.

If your Chicago area business needs to run more efficiently, DDC may be the solution. Contact Southwest Town Mechanical at (708) 590-4771 or contact us online for more information about adding DDC to your current system.

Understanding Direct Digital Controls

Pneumatic HVAC systems use air to control your heating and cooling system. These systems compress air, then send it through piping to the area that needs to be heated or cooled. This is an effective solution, but sometimes the different readings from independent sensors throughout the building can cause inefficiency. Direct digital controls measure the airflow precisely, so you get better control over the entire system. By reading air pressure, humidity levels, and temperature levels, and making the right changes to airflow, DDC allows your HVAC system to better use its resources.

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Benefits of Direct Digital Control for Your Chicago Business

With a DDC system, your HVAC will only direct air to those areas that need to be heated or cooled, not through the whole building. This can lead to significant energy savings, and your building may even qualify for energy rebates. Some specific benefits you will enjoy as a result include:

  • Zone-specific comfort levels
  • Better scheduling for holidays and work hours
  • Computer-based data collection for the system
  • Improved electronic sensors
  • Remote adjustment capabilities
  • Improved energy use
  • Lower energy bills

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DDC Installation in Chicago

If you’re ready to benefit from the installation of DDC in your industrial facility, Southwest Town Mechanical is ready to help. We have experience with incorporating DDC into existing HVAC systems. We can then optimize the controls so you will save time and enjoy more efficient heating and cooling.

Schedule installation of your Chicago-area DDC system today by contacting Southwest Town Mechanical.

Maintenance and Repair for DDC Systems

Perhaps you already have a DDC system controlling your HVAC system. If so, make sure it stays in good repair with help from our team. We offer maintenance and repair services to ensure your control system is always working as it should. With our help, you can avoid costly downtime and take measures to ensure that your system is working exactly as it should.

If you’re having trouble with your DDC system in Chicago or the surrounding communities, or want to establish a maintenance plan, call Southwest Town Mechanical at (708) 590-4771.

Why Choose Southwest Town Mechanical for DDC Services in Chicago?

Southwest Town Mechanical has been serving the Chicagoland area with a full list of mechanical services since 1973. We have seen DDC technology change over the years, and we keep ourselves up to date on the latest trends and technology. Our personalized service and knowledgeable professionals will help your business find the right tools to optimize both comfort and efficiency.

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