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Honeywell HVAC Equipment for Industrial & Commercial Facilities in Chicago, Illinois

For more than a century, Honeywell has been providing heating, cooling, ventilation, and engineering products to commercial clients. Honeywell not only stands at the forefront of innovative products and unique, superior design but also places a huge importance on sustainable building practices. This makes Honeywell the ideal pick for a Chicago business looking to stay current and consumer-friendly.

The Southwest Town Mechanical service team is more than glad to feature a wide range of Honeywell-focused services, including installation, repair services, mechanical maintenance, and more. We place a huge importance on staying abreast of all the latest in Honeywell technology, ensuring you always have access to specialists who know and understand your mechanical systems in Chicago.

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Mechanical Services for Honeywell Systems in Chicago, IL

The needs of each client or commercial business are going to be totally unique, which is why our experts provide a complete range of services to suit each and every one. As leaders of mechanical services in Chicago, we’re both equipped and trained to offer:

  • Chillers – Including air-cooled, water-cooled, and absorption chillers.
  • Unitary systems – Including split systems, rooftop HVAC units, packaged systems, water source heat pumps, and variable air volume terminals.
  • Air handlers – Including air handlers, make-up air units, and air cleaners.
  • Terminal devices – Including unit heaters, unit ventilators, fan coil units, and blower coil units.
  • Ductless systems – Including ductless mini-splits and variable refrigerant flow systems.

Honeywell equipment needs an expert’s attention and knowledge in order to be installed and serviced properly. Whether you’re in need of replacement mechanical systems or a custom maintenance program, Southwest Town Mechanical is prepared to assist.

Why Maintain Honeywell Mechanical Equipment?

Honeywell products tend to offer Chicago businesses the advantages of reliability, high performance, and excellent efficiency. However, no mechanical system can survive the rigors and expectations of a commercial business’ daily operations for long without proper care and assistance.

Our tailored maintenance programs address the wear and stresses placed on your Honeywell products, offering proof against complications and a wide range of additional benefits, including:

  • Minimized energy consumption
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Longer Honeywell system service lifespans
  • Greater overall comfort for employees and clients

If you’re ready to enjoy the advantages that a well-maintained Honeywell system can offer you, contact us now!

Maintenance Services for Honeywell Equipment in Chicago, IL

When it comes to maintenance for a commercial or industrial business, the needs of each location or mechanical system are going to be different. At Southwest Town Mechanical, we recognize and address these needs by generating a custom maintenance program for each client and system. This ensures you get not only routine mechanical care, but also accurate service that offers optimal benefits and reliability.

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Whether you’re in need of specialists who can design and install a complete Honeywell system or trained professionals that can provide routine maintenance programs and complete care, Southwest Town Mechanical is the name to know in Chicago.

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