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Industrial and Commercial Heating Repair in Chicago, Illinois

Heating large open spaces like loading docks, garages, warehouses, or outdoor seating areas can be a challenge, because they are often exposed to the elements, making conventional heating systems impractical. Because they heat objects and not the air, infrared heating systems can be a great solution.

At Southwest Town Mechanical, we offer infrared heating systems and services throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. From infrared heating installation and replacement to maintenance, repairs, and emergency service, our expert technicians can handle all your infrared heating needs. For over 50 years, we have been providing Chicago businesses with high-quality industrial and commercial HVAC services, including heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, piping, and more.

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Infrared Heating Installation in Chicago, IL

Infrared heating systems are ideal for areas that need targeted, direct heating rather than the slower, gradual heating of a forced air or boiler system. At Southwest Town Mechanical, we can help you choose the best types of infrared equipment for your application, and we can provide fast, professional installation services. We offer many types of infrared heating solutions, including:

  • Ceramic, quartz tube, quartz lamp, and steel sheath heaters
  • Industrial unit heaters and spot heaters
  • Industrial convection heaters
  • Industrial duct heaters
  • Radiant panel and tube heaters
  • And more!

We also offer infrared heating replacement for older systems that are being upgraded due to age, inefficiency, or failure.

To request a quote for an infrared heating installation in Chicago, Rockford, Joliet, or the surrounding communities, call (708) 590-4771 today or contact us online.

Chicagoland Infrared Heating Maintenance

Routine maintenance is important for any heating equipment, including infrared heating systems. By cleaning and servicing the system a least once a year, you can maximize its service life and keep it performing as efficiently and reliably as possible.

At Southwest Town Mechanical, we offer infrared heating maintenance for businesses throughout the Chicago area, as well as preventative maintenance programs that are a cost-effective way to keep all your heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment in prime condition. During a service visit, our expert technicians will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your infrared heating equipment
  • Check for wiring damage and loose connections
  • Test the thermostat and control systems
  • Test safety limits and controls
  • Clean the heating elements
  • Test the system for safe operation and proper heating

Contact us today to schedule infrared heating maintenance at your Chicagoland facility. Don’t forget to ask about our preventative maintenance programs.

Infrared Heating Repair in the Chicago Area

Though infrared heating systems have relatively few components, they can occasionally suffer from a parts failure that causes the system to malfunction or break down completely. When you need fast, professional repairs for your infrared heating system, call our team at Southwest Town Mechanical.

We are available 24/7 for emergency infrared heating repair throughout Chicago, and our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and repair most common infrared heating problems. Whether you have a faulty heating element, a glitch in the control system, loose wiring, or some other malfunction, we can find the problem and return your system back to full operation in as little time as possible.

To schedule infrared heating repairs in the Chicago area, contact our team today!

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