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Refrigerant Conversions for Chicago Businesses

Refrigerant conversion is a vital service to Chicago commercial businesses, helping you to optimize your current refrigeration, as well as minimize refrigerant loss and offer more suitable alternatives. Our certified, licensed, and insured HVACR service professionals carry extensive experience as well as specialized training and tools, offering you conversion solutions that are efficient, effective, and provide you with a more reliable solution.

Whether you’re seeking conversion due to the upcoming phase out, or need service professionals to evaluate the performance of your current refrigerant, you can trust that the team at Southwest Town Mechanical to offer you superior options!

For professional refrigerant conversion services, or to learn more about the service and what it offers, contact our specialists today. Call us at any time by dialing (708) 590-4771, or contact us online.

What is the Refrigerant Phase Out?

The phase out specifically deals with HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons), and more specifically R-22. You may be more familiar with the term “Freon”. Through extensive testing and survey, the use of R-22 has been determined by the EPA to be detrimental to environmental health, depleting the ozone layer.

The phase out aims to eliminate the use of R-22 completely, instead changing over to alternative refrigerants such as R-410a.

When Will the Phase-Out Complete?

The process has been taken in stages over the past few years, technically (functionally) starting in 2010. At that year R-22 was banned for production or import except in pre-existing systems that require R-22 to function. In 2015, the program stepped up to forbidding purchase excepting the same conditions as before.

The process completes in 2020, totally forbidding the production, sale, or use of Freon refrigerant in all residential and commercial applications. Industries are free to utilize remaining stockpiles, but these will become increasingly expensive, and won’t last long.

Why Should I Convert or Replace Now?

The process may sound daunting or obnoxious, but in actuality conversion offers a bunch of excellent advantages! The new refrigerants designed to replace previous substances have proven to:

  • Be far more efficient, helping keep operation costs lower
  • Be less costly to replace, since supply of R-410a is much higher
  • Allow for more cost-effective heating and cooling units, making high-efficiency systems cheaper to purchase
  • Reduce emissions and greenhouse gasses

Chicago Refrigerant Conversion Services

It is recommended that existing refrigeration systems are surveyed for their current condition to decide whether to keep them in use under close supervision to minimize refrigerant loss or replace them altogether. The pros at Southwest Town Mechanical Services have the experience and expertise to inspect your current system and provide valuable feedback and suggestions.

Whether you are a grocery retailer, or another business looking to convert refrigeration & HVAC systems to acceptable HFC alternatives, Southwest Town Mechanical Services is here to help!

Contact us for more information or to get started right away!

Schedule Refrigerant Conversion in Chicago, Illinois

It’s important to choose a company you can trust when scheduling your refrigerant conversions. At Southwest Town Mechanical, we have the industry knowledge and extensive experience to offer reliable services to Chicago property owners.

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