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Industrial & Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Rooftop units represent a significant investment for any business, not only in terms of the initial cost, but also in ongoing energy and maintenance fees. A comprehensive maintenance solution protects this investment and keeps long-term costs as low as possible. This is done by enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of such systems through a regular service and preventative maintenance schedule.

At Southwest Town Mechanical, we offer custom maintenance plans that are designed to maximize the performance of your rooftop units while keeping energy costs and downtime to a minimum. We offer rooftop unit maintenance throughout the Chicago area, and we serve industrial and commercial facilities of all sizes. With over 50 years of commercial HVAC experience and a team of dedicated, certified professionals, you can count on Southwest Town Mechanical to provide the services you need for your business to operate smoothly.

For dependable, professional rooftop unit maintenance in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas, call Southwest Town Mechanical today at (708) 590-4771 or contact us online.

Our Maintenance Process for Rooftop Units in Chicago

Routine maintenance is one of the most critical factors in the longevity, efficiency, and performance of your commercial HVAC equipment. At Southwest Town Mechanical, we will work with your facility to develop a custom maintenance program that is tailored to the requirements of your rooftop units, ensuring they receive the care they need to perform optimally under all conditions.

Our maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking refrigerant levels and pressures, plus oil and moisture content
  • Verifying optimal compressor, start capacitor, and relay operation
  • Cleaning condensate drains, pans, and verifying pump operation
  • Cleaning evaporators, condensers, and air handlers
  • Cleaning and inspecting gas burners, flues, and heat exchangers
  • Testing thermostats, electrical systems, controls, and safeties
  • Lubricating motor bearings, pulleys, and other moving components
  • Verifying airflow, temperature, and other performance characteristics
  • Performing a cost-benefit analysis to determine if upgrades are advisable

The Benefits of Preventative Rooftop Unit Maintenance

Providing regular maintenance for your rooftop units can offer several tangible benefits to your business. At Southwest Town Mechanical, our custom maintenance programs help you to:

  • Avoid unnecessary breakdowns and service calls
  • Keep downtime as low as possible
  • Reduce energy consumption and utility costs
  • Prolong the lifespan of your rooftop units
  • Improve comfort, air quality, and productivity

Rooftop Unit Energy Management

One of the most significant costs for any business is the energy used for heating, cooling, and refrigeration. At Southwest Town Mechanical, we offer cost-effective energy management services that can help your business identify energy saving opportunities, initiate energy-saving programs, and keep consumption as low as possible.

Our experts can work with your facility to evaluate your mechanical systems and suggest upgrades that can enhance performance and efficiency, such as ENERGY STAR® qualified HVAC equipment and appliances, advanced control and automation systems, or facility improvements. Our energy management services can help your Chicago business save energy, reduce its carbon footprint, and, most importantly, keep operational costs to a minimum.

Schedule Rooftop Unit Maintenance in Chicago, IL

With our extensive experience and dedication to quality service, Southwest Town Mechanical can be a valuable partner for your business in the Chicago area. You can count on our team for reliable, cost-effective, and professional service of all your mechanical systems. With our comprehensive maintenance programs, you can be sure your equipment is properly maintained and protected.

To schedule rooftop unit maintenance at your Chicago facility, give us a call at (708) 590-4771 or contact us online today.